Everest Custom Homes - A Brief History

Since 1984—We're Here to Stay

Everest Custom Homes is an innovative construction company that has been in residential construction since 1984. Superior quality, timely construction, and on-budget pricing make Everest Custom Homes the most preferred contractor in the area, and an award winning home builder.

Our Goal

It is Everest Custom Homes goal to make your home building project an enjoyable experience. Let our professional team guide you through creating a home design that blends your vision with your lifestyle. Whether your home is a starter home, vacation home, retirement home or a legacy home, we are here for you. From the planning stages to adding the final touches, we take pride in every aspect of our quality homes.

Why Choose Us?

Our years of experience, knowledge in the industry, work ethic, and personal values are the key elements to our success. Helping people make their dreams a reality: by building each home as unique as its owner is rewarding. It's no wonder why Everest Custom Homes is highly recommended.

Call us today at 715-356-3636 or contact us through our Contact Form for more information on how we can help you with your new home.